Capt's Computers

Basic Labor, Price List

Clean your system $39 includes Vacuum out dust, clean all fans, re-seat all card devices.  A lot of times an unstable system can be caused by poor air circulation and overheating of a system.

Clean your printer $39   Basic cleaning.  Vacuum out dust, blow out debris with compressed air. Clean any obvious areas in and out.

Install Ram $20 for the first stick $5 each additional.

Installing Video Cards $20 updating drivers as needed.

Installing Network Cards $20 updating software as needed.

Installing CD and or CD Burners with Software  $30

Installing DVD Burners $35

Installing IDE Controller cards including Setting up of hardware to run from it. $30-$50

Hard Drive Install $35 installed as a slave drive.  You keep your current drive, I just install you new one.

 Installing Operating Systems $50 for basic upgrade, $100 for full install. Call for quote if you need me to back up your old data.  

I can link your machine to my network and save your emails, pictures and files here, then when we install your new hardware or software we can put it all back.  I can also supply you with a backup CD (700mb) or DVD (4.7gig) of your data if you ever have a full system crash.   It is a good idea to sort out your important data at least once a month and save it someplace other than on your main computer. It is easiest to burn it to a CD or better yet if you have a home network set up save it to a different machine.  That way you can update your saved data with a few clicks of a mouse button.


Network Stuff

Do you have more than one machine.  Would you like to be able to share resources between the 2 machines.  Setting up a home network has never been easier or cheaper.  Call me for a quote on setting up a home based network. 


I can do work from my house and in most cases do it while you are there so you can see what is done.  I can also do house calls, with a minimum additional charge of $20  if you are in the Surrey, Langley Area.  Travel Time and Mileage will be extra if you are further.


Custom Cooling Options

I can supply you with and set up custom cooling options for your computer.  Most computers are built from the factory with the idea that everyone wants a quite computer. Well quite is not always the best I highly recommend at least one intake fan and 1-2 exhaust fans not including your Power Supply Fan. This will allow your machine to run much cooler and in most cases a great deal more stable.  Heat is the #1 cause of premature death in most computer systems. 


Contact Info

David E. Bergquist

16908 104th Ave. Surrey B.C.

Home 604-584-7717

Cell    604-807-2623