The Good the Bad and the Ugly
The Ugly, I still do not have all the interior back together as I am worried that if I do something is going to go wrong and I will have to pull it all apart again to find out what. That paint turned ugly from sitting outside in the weather for 4 months waiting for the new motor to be ready so that I could get the old one out. The entire interior is covered in dirt dust and grease from me being in and out of the car so many times during the build and working in this and that.  I will clean it up and make it all look like new soon.
I have still yet to install the sub and amp back into the car as that will be on heck of a job seeing as I had to remove all the heavy wring for the amp when I redid the engine and interior for the stick shift stuff.
The Bad, I have a stumble at around 15-1800 rpms that I guess acroding to others is just something that a Fiero Stick Shift does. I do not like it and am going to keep trying to find a way around it.  I did not get the 3.32 4spd that I wanted I ended up with a lower geared 3.65 4spd that is cool for running around town but not what I wanted for freeway driving.
The Good is the car runs like a screamer. 1st gear is very quick, almost too quick. The engine is quiet until you drop the hammer then it seems to roar to life. Oil Pressure is awsome thanks to the Federal Mogul HV Oil Pump. No problems with the injectors, I was worried about the fact that I was using used ford 19lb injectors. All the suspension is fine and in good order the car handles very well. I went with MSD Blaster Coil for spark and used MSD Superconductors wires to carry the juice.  
Name: Capt_Fiero
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