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I told ya I would someday get a V8 in my Fiero!!!!!!

The Current Rebuild of the Cadero updated Dec 5th 2009

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Welcome to Capt's Cars, Computers and Stuff Chat Subscription Area

 This is specifically for my friends to chat on or becuase I think you have valuable information in your head and I value your opinion on stuff. Its not just for me to post, feel free to speak up and say Hi. This is also a place for all of us old Port Kells guys to hang out and chat. Only real rules are, keep it civil. Feel free to be proud of your Car Brand, Your Computer or whatever you have, but don't Disrespect someone else for having a different view than you.

Are you feeling that Urge to get together with some people at Starbucks.  Got a cool or interesting garage project going and plan to tinker with it and want to invite your car buddies.  Made a Massive Overclock on your PC and are busting at the seams to show it off, or need to ask a quick question this could be the place to ask.



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